About the Empire Car Wash Group

Our Mission

The Empire Car Wash Group vision is to be recognized as the leader in full-service car washing throughout Long Island.
To achieve this vision, we need to provide the highest quality wash services to our customers. We are committed to doing so efficiently and at a price that is fair and appropriate.

We specialize in full-service car washing and provide other services such as detailing and ceramic coatings.
We proudly serve the communities our washes reside in. Commuters and others travel out of their way to frequent our car wash locations because of the reputation we’ve built.

We value your business and loyalty. Your appreciation of our services has allowed each of our locations to maintain the highest quality equipment and use Nationally recognized brands such as Simoniz and Armorall.

Our membership allows our customers to wash their cars as often as they desire at a fixed monthly cost. Single service washes are also provided as we recognize that some customers visit less often or may only use our stores when passing by on the way elsewhere.

Through our partnership with Everwash, the leader in providing Membership technology to the car wash industry, we offer unlimited car washing at pricing that helps consumers save money. It’s like a gym membership, except we do all the work.

Unlike other subscription models there are no hidden fees or hassles to cancel. All is done from the convenience of your smart phone, with a simple app. Our cashiers are your gateway to Membership and can answer any questions you may have, Membership or in relation to our services.

Our staff are highly trained, friendly, and dedicated to meeting your service needs Our stores are always maintained and stocked with car products or those convenience items that you may desire.



Ken WeinerFounder & CEO

Has over 30 years of diversified business experience. Starting his career as a CPA at PWC he then was a senior executive at 2 top tier financial institutions for over 20 years. Ken's tenure at Price Waterhouse Coopers for 11 years prepared him to become a strategic and disciplined leader of high performing teams. Further honing these skills in subsequent C-suite executive roles in Risk Management at Credit Suisse and Swiss Re added depth and breadth to Ken's leadership approach. Using this array of skills Ken successfully pivoted to build the Empire Car Wash Group among other interesting business ventures.


John GrefeCOO

Has been a car wash owner and operator for over 10 years after having started his professional career as an Equity Trader. With deep construction and mechanical skills, John plans and leads all maintenance, repair, and improvements at all of our washes. John works closely with Ken on Group strategy and financial matters, and coordinates process and implementation with the rest of our leadership team. Always being hands-on, John has developed a great reputation of quality in the Oceanside community during his tenure. Industry Leaders & operators have both recognized and utilized his knowledge and expertise, continually seeking his input.


Bruno BarrosHampton Region Leader

Has worked in the car wash industry for over 20 years, starting from when he was in high school and while going to Oneonta University as a student athlete (soccer scholarship). Bruno is our Hampton Region leader and has ownership within the Group. His deep and well-rounded experience in car wash operations and finance benefits our Group and customers and positions us well to add other Empire locations in the East end of Long Island.


Russell SiegallElmont Leader

Has over 10 years of management experience in the car wash industry. Since 2016, Russell has had ownership within our Group. Having owned his own businesses for close to 25 years prior to joining our Group, Russell brings an entrepreneurial customer service mindset to everything we do. Russell started his car wash career at our Elmont location (prior to our ownership) and introduced Ken Weiner to the Sguera brothers, which commenced formation of the Empire Car Wash Group.


Leopoldo SgueraInwood Leader

Has been a car wash owner and operator for over 30 years. Leo's deep expertise in all facets of the car wash industry, particularly operations, provides assurance that our services are of consistent high quality. Leo moved to Cedarhurst, NY from Bari Italy in 1974 with his parents and brothers (Vitantonio and Savino). Very focused and disciplined, Leo leads his team with the mindset developed since his youth as a high-level soccer player.


Savino SgueraOceanside Leader

Became a car wash owner and operator alongside his parents and brothers. Sam's over 30 years of hand industry experience is like, yet compliments Leo's given his extremely outgoing personal style and vast network within the car wash industry. New business trends and opportunities that Sam studies benefit the quality of our operations. As the youngest of the Sguera brothers, Sam started working at his family's first car wash as a teenager.


Susan Weiner Executive Support

Is integral in helping to keep the Group focused and organized using her skills of administration and people skills developed over years during her former career as an Office Manager in a New York City dental office and in raising two successful daughters. Married to Ken for almost 35 years, Susan provides a down to earth common sense approach that is focused on ensuring quality in everything we do.

In Memoriam of
Vito Sguera

March 12, 1966 - August 24, 2018

One of the Empire Group’s founding fathers, Vito Sguera, is longer with us but always in our thoughts. Vito lost his battle with stage 4 pancreatic cancer on August 24, 2018. He lived a vibrant 52 years and was the driving force behind the Sguera families entry into the car wash industry. Thoughtful and generous, Vito decided to leave Oneonta University after his freshman year, walking away from a full soccer scholarship to open the Sguera families first car wash. We miss Vito and all we do reflects upon the influence of his legacy. Through his last days he was engaged in our business and a cherished member of many communities (husband, father, brother, friend and coach!!)

Investment Opportunities

The Empire Car Wash Group seeks expansion and is open to discussions with potential financing partners. Should you have interest in learning more about the Empire Car Wash Group, please send us your information by clicking the link.